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Where Do I Even Begin?!

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed by all the obstacles in your way to getting that amazing product image? Your set up? Lighting? Styling? Shooting? And then finally Editing?! Your time is incredibly valuable, so making the investment now into learning and mastering these skills will ensure you don't waste another minute being frustrated by this crucial part of your business!

I created this especially for you!

  • You put in hours, weeks even months into making amazingly creative courses only for them to never get noticed on the screen. You know they are awesome, but they look like just another product among the millions.
  • You are so tired of taking what little time you have available stumbling through the frustrations of bad lighting, a lack of styling skills, and editing challenges, when you're longing to be with your family, or to just kick up your feet with an iced coffee enjoying the fruits of your hard labor for one sweet moment!
  • You’re starting from the ground floor and just need to know where to begin, but you lack the confidence because it is oh so overwhelming!
  • You're pretty confident in the technical part of shooting and editing, but styling is a beast!


Check out what a couple of my students have had to say...

Chloe Tascoff, Lucky Chlover Writing

When I saw how helpful, insightful, and knowledgeable Brett was in her teacherpreneur photography group, I knew that I had to go all-in and get her course. I was not disappointed! There was always something missing from my photos, and it became clear when I took her course. As an experienced videographer of TPT resources, I thought that I had my lighting perfected. I was wrong! Brett's course helped me "perfect" my lighting and think of it in new ways! The biggest component I needed help with was with staging, and Brett came through with tips and tricks that have literally transformed my photos, and in turn, my video skills. Her advice and course is thorough, applicable, and Brett is so helpful if you need that extra push or a little bit more help! Thank you so much, Brett!

Janet Scott, Chalkboard Chick

Do you feel you're wasting your time trying to take quality photography of your TpT products? Do your backgrounds have a gray overtone rather than white?  I have found Brett Redgate's online class, Photography for Teacherpreneurs, had all the answers for me!  Step by step videos guided me to learn about, lighting, props, styling, editing and more!  I was able to further improve my pictures with personal guidance through the course's private Facebook page.  Brett has a wealth of knowledge to share with her positive encouragement. I couldn't be happier with the lessons and the tricks of the trade I learned! 

What can you expect?

  • In Chapter 1, you will learn how to “Set Up for Success” as we talk all about different types of lighting and how to create the perfect set up for you.
  • Then the fun really begins in Chapter 2, when you learn all about "telling a story" through props and styling.
  • Finally, In Chapter 3 you’ll begin to sharpen your shooting and editing skills to translate that story for your audience on the other side of the screen. So they can truly see that long, hard work you poured into that resource come to life!


Having high quality images to present your products is a vital piece to the success of your business, but that doesn't mean it should be difficult or take the most time! I'm here to help!


From "Where do I begin?!" to your final product image!

Taking you from start to finish, chapter by chapter, I teach you the "what", the "why", and the "how" each step along the way.

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You'll have the opportunity to interact with other students and myself in our exclusive Students-Only Facebook group.

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Photography For Teacherpreneurs Online Course

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